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My Bra Clip™ for Sale in The Philippines

Increases Your Cup Size in Seconds

Improves Your Posture

Lifts and Supports your Breasts

Prevents Falling Bra Straps

Stops Bra Straps Cutting into Shoulders

Simple and Affordable to Use

My Bra Clip™ is the easy way to achieve a sexy look in just seconds. Just clip My Bra Clip™ to your bra straps at the back. Then adjust My Bra Clip™ on your straps until you find the best look and comfort level you want.

You can even add it to a bikini top for a shapely, sexier look or finally say goodbye to Sports Bras that flatten you!

It's like adding a full cup size instantly!

  • Loosen your bra straps
  • Reach behind your head and lift one bra strap upward
  • While holding My Bra Clip™ in the other hand, place the bra strap under the flap, then repeat with the other strap
  • Pull bra strap forward while sliding My Bra Clip™ downward one strap at a time
  • Adjust straps on your shoulders
  • By adjusting your bra straps to full length, My Bra Clip™ will provide greater lift and support, reduce shoulder indentions and discomfort and eliminate falling bra straps.
1 Pack of 3 My Bra Clip™
Usual Price: Php 600
Only: Php395.00
Limited Offer