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We've put together a little survey for you to complete where you could win a Php750 Secret Talaga Gift Voucher. We'll even send you a FREE Php100 Discount Voucher once you've completed the survey as a thank you.

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We hope this campaign will help Filipina throughout the Philippines encourage their partners to buy them lingerie and convince them that buying lingerie online at Secret Talaga is Safe, Fun and Secret!

We asked Filipina the following questions and the results speak for themselves!

Enter the survey yourself and add to the results or tell others to join too. We want to know your answers!

95% of women said they DO want their partner to buy them surprise lingerie Gifts

61% of women said they have NEVER been bought surprise lingerie from a partner.

69% of men said they would rather buy lingerie online for their partner

Joni - Caloocan
I would like my partner to buy me a bikini undies.It emphasize my butt more and its skimpiness will make him want to take it off the moment he saw me in it. My ex brought me to a lingerie section where our common friend works.I think he has a thing for t-backs because it is the first thing that he asked about.I didn't really like it but since he has a thing for it, I agreed and let him buy me one.One time we checked in at a hotel,we were already in the room when the receptionist called us up to ask if we like the room.While he was talking on the phone, his hands are wandering all over me till it got under my skirt.Too make the long story short, he ended the call immediately and smiled wickedly at me. After that, i let him buy me any underwear that he likes :)
Gilbert - Makati
I always buy my wife red and pink and black lingerie as she looks very hot and sexy on those three colors. Most of them are with lace and some are in silk like texture. I asked help from my sister in-law to help me buy lingerie before for my wife, my wife were surprised with the great designs of the lingerie and brought it all in our honeymoon.
Donna - San Pedro, Laguna
I'd like my husband to buy me sexy matching underwear and sexy babydolls, too to make me feel and look and feel sexy, especially in bed. My husband is shy on buying lingerie or anything sexy so I hope by introducing him to online options, he will finally open up!
Dan - Quezon City
I would like to buy very sexy lingerie for my partner, and I would like to do so online. I think sexy lingeries are very good gifts, not only for the receiver but also for the giver.
Kendi - Tagum City
I like my partner to buy me something sexy and lingerie in black color..i dont know but i just love lingerie in black though im not particular in style just in color coz it makes me feel so hot and sexy..lol..
Bethsaida - Caloocan
Wearing a sexy lingerie makes me feel sexy and attractive. It even adds confidence. In fact, it is also one way of attracting and seducing my husband that eventually leads to a lovingly, or should I say heavenly experience. :)
Wilfredo - Manila
while at the mall i went to the ladies underwear section, i gay approach me and say that i should try that particular brand..he thought i'm a gay also.
Richelle - Quezon City
- i want my partner to buy me a lingerie that i will look sexy when i'm wearing it.. - one time i bought a lingerie in a dept. store, was really shy when the sales lady teases me where will i use that.. so awkward... geez
Francesca - Sta. Rosa, Laguna
I'm going to tell you a little secret, I have always been the shy type and not up for anything new or exciting but really if my partner would buy me a lingerie I would totally love it if it'll be a babydoll. I saw a couple of designs on your line and I loved the one with the feathers, knowing my partner I bet he'll like it oh he'll love it. :) Why would I like a baby doll? Of course, kind of fun for me. Knowing myself I can be a bit shy, I can't go nude all over and jump him with a G-string. It's the perfect lingerie for me. It shows some skin yet you try to hide something but you still look hot and steamy.
Menchie - Sta. Rosa, Laguna
How I wish my hubby would buy me a set of bra & panty. I just think that wearing it feels more exciting and romantic. In a way I get to know more about of his taste or what excites him more simply by me, wearing a particular undies..Once he had commented that my bra looks great and I was put on fire..hahaha..love it!
Joel - Manila
i'd like to buy something smooth for my wife, anything that is satin and see through coz that turns me on. alsoi bought a lingerie outside the country coz my wife requested for it. When im abroad im not ashamed to go to the lingerie section and choose lingeries for my wife, for its just natural..
Mohini - Makati City
i'd like my partner to buy me lingerie that is sexy and not the usual. the one i can wear when we do the nasty. it would even be cuter when both our undies match.