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Monday, November 03, 2014

Tips and Tricks on How-to-wear stockings:

Stockings are not just for work or something sexy these days, it can be used even outside! Look fashionable and sexier with patterned stockings. Secret Talaga Lingerie offers stockings with different patterns and styles. We'll give a few tips and tricks on how you can wear your stockings from Secret Talaga!

1. It makes a simple outfit look well-put together in an instant! Plain white shirt and denim shorts? Throw in some patterned stockings to glam up that simple look!

2. It accessorises your legs - because legs are meant for pretty things.

3. Whites and Blacks - Trust us, these two are the perfect shades that Stockings glam up. Simple black dress? No problem!

4. Pair them with blazers or a scarf for that sophisticated look!

5.Boots + stockings = instant sexy!

Bridal Lingerie Store in Manila

Monday, August 18, 2014

Brides brides brides! Gonna attend a Bridal shower and don't know what to get the bride? There's many options to choose from!

Sexy Lingerie has been around for ages, if you're having a hard time looking for an affordable yet luxury Designer Lingerie in Manila - you've come to the right place! Secret Talaga Lingerie is an Online Lingerie Shop based in Manila, Philippines that ships nationwide (did we mention it's free delivery in Manila and low charges for other areas?)

All the sexy bridal lingerie in Secret Talaga Lingerie are imported and are in fantastic quality, unlike those others you see online that's far from the photo shown (LOL!). Give that bride a treat with Secret Talaga Lingerie's BRIDAL LINGERIE.

Need tips on what to get the bride? Check these out for some help:

- Sexy Hosiery 

- Sexy Babydoll

- Sexy Lingerie

- Pastie

- Sexy Costume

They'll love you for that gift, trust us!


We have MEN THONGS and UNDERWEAR too incase you think of getting something for the groom as well ;-)

Men Lingerie in Philippines

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Who says Women are the only ones who can wear sexy Lingerie? Men, have your other half feast their eyes on Secret Talaga Lingerie's Men Collection!

We offer only the best Imported Designer Men Thongs and Lingerie to our customers at affordable prices. Even men should feel sexy in their underwear! This would make a perfect surprise for your loved one.


Go visit our Men's Line on www.SecretTalaga.com today!

Rene Rofe Lingerie

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Secret Talaga Lingerie values excellent quality! We only want what's best for our customers in terms of style, quality and wearability. One of our main suppliers is Rene Rofe, a brand based in New York - who only uses top quality items to ensure a customers satisfaction.

As of now, Secret Talaga carries a variety of Rene Rofe Lingerie's Sexy Nightwear, Lingerie and Hosiery. Avoid unsatisfaction from other Lingerie brands that are cheap, but leads unhappy with the outcome. You surely won't be disappointed with the products Secret Talaga Lingerie carries! After all, Secret Talaga Lingerie is the #1 Online Choice for Lingerie in the Philippines!

Romeo And Juliet - Triumph Maximizer Advert

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where to Buy Lingerie in the Philippines

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where to Buy Lingerie in the Philippines

Many people as the question ‘Where to buy lingerie in the Philippines’ and our answer is to buy lingerie in the Philippines at the Secret Talaga Lingerie Store. That is a slightly biased answer but what would you expect?

Seriously, there are many places to buy lingerie in the Philippines but it all depends on what kind of lingerie you want plus also how brave you are about buying lingerie. You can buy lingerie in the Philippines at many shopping mall stores but then you have to deal with all the onlookers smiling as you try to choose your lingerie. If you decide to go to a lingerie boutique you will then end up paying high prices for your lingerie but will have a little more privacy buying your lingerie.

So, where do you buy lingerie in the Philippines?

This is really your choice but buying lingerie in the US often takes place at online lingerie stores. You can easily sit at home and buy lingerie for your loved one or for yourself in total privacy.

At Secret Talaga we like to think we answered the question ‘Where to buy lingerie in the Philippines’ by offering a great selection to our customers all online and even allowing our Re-Seller partners to sell lingerie too.

C-String Thongs - The Miracle Thong

Friday, December 02, 2011

The C-String is the evolution of thongs. Thongs is a general term for any type of open panties that cover the pubic area in front while leaving the buttock region exposed. If you have never tried thongs before, you might want to start off with the C-string. A C-string has a flexible internal frame that hugs and holds it to the body both securely and comfortably with no straps. It is a type of thong that has only a thin string connecting the front piece covering the vagina. Unlike the more popular G-String, V-String, and T-String, the C-String does not contain a waist band. It is held in place by a flexible frame which "clamps" onto the body.



C-String thongs fit snugly to a woman's body and do not show through her dresses or skirts. They help a woman maintain dignity while wearing otherwise revealing clothing. They are frequently made out of lace, cotton, or polyester, which is then fit over a vinyl or plastic internal frame.




Wearing c-string takes a daring risk for a woman to break out of her comfort zone. It's empowering to a woman to wear sexy lingerie and intimate apparel and it's very sexy to your partner to know how little you're wearing below that little outfit.


So, whether you're looking to spice up your love life or you just want to feel sexy and feminine for yourself, consider trying out a sexy C-String.


Most of the women who criticize them have never tried them!


Now, you can prove them wrong!

Things To Know About Thongs

Saturday, October 01, 2011

It seems women's clothing is getting tighter and they are wearing less of it, this as they coined it is a sexy thing!


A lingerie commonly associated with sexiness is a thong. It is often described as an open panty since it only covers the pubic are in front while leaving the butt exposed. A lot of women wear thongs every day, but there is still a bigger percentage that are hesitant to try thongs.


Many women wear thongs as it makes them feel sexier, boosts confidence and reduces panty lines. If you’ve never tried wearing a thing before, we recommend trying as once you get used to them it’s almost certain you’ll love wearing thongs.


If you are unsure about wearing a thong, but are curious about the buzz, this article should help you see the brighter side of trying out a thong:


1. Choose a thong that fits your body.  Wearing the right size will make the experience more comfortable. Decorations, ribbon or lace, can be uncomfortable at first so wearing thongs plain thongs that are stretchy or elastic and have minimal decoration.


2. Be careful when you put on your first thong as it’s quite easy to put your leg in the wrong hole.


3. Adjust the back of the underwear until the thin string runs between your butt cheeks. Tug on the front until you find a comfortable fit.


Thongs take some getting used to, but there are many styles to choose from and they are a great asset to any woman’s lingerie collection!


We sell different styles of thongs so have a look and see which ios best for you today!


Anne Curtis - Putting The C-String To The Test

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When Anne Curtis attended the Philippines Fashion Ball this August 2011, she had many heads turning because of the Rajo Laurel dress she was wearing. A beautifully sexy dress with revealing see through mesh all the way down the sides.


The question on everybody’s lips “is she wearing underwear and if so, how?”


Later in the evening, Anne Curtis is reported to say that she was in fact wearing underwear known as the C-String Thong.


Well done! We love your dress and love the fact that you were daring enough to wear the C-String Thong!















Panty Pride - You Never Know Who Will See Them

Friday, August 05, 2011

On many occasion we girls wear our old favourite panty and no matter how they look as we think nobody will ever see them. This may feel comfortable for us and we may just throw them on in the morning without even checking if they are inside out or not, but why?

We’re walking around looking smart and sexy on the outside with old tattered panty on underneath!

Our panties might even have the leg or waistbands stretched out, the back consistently riding up and the seams or the body all ragged. We shouldn’t be wearing these! We should be using them as cleaning rags!

Here are tips on how panties are supposed to fit:

Waistband is Comfortable.
The waistband should stay in place and it should be comfortable. If it keeps rolling over in the front, you have the wrong size and should try a smaller size.

Legs Are Well-Fitting.
To avoid being irritated, the panty legs should not be so tight. Leg openings should be evenly arched on both legs and the fabric should not be bunched or twisted. It would be best to get a high cut leg panty style if you are having trouble with binding legs.

Well Fitting Crotch.
There should be no excessive fabric in the front or back, and should definitely not be binding. The panty crotch should fit naturally against your body. The front horizontal crotch seam should be visible from the front and not slip backwards.

Cupped Buttocks
The proper fit around the buttocks is balanced, symmetrical, covered and cupped.

Regardless of where we going or the event we’re attending, we should always take pride in our undergarments just as much as our outer appearance.

Who knows, we could end up in an emergency room sharing our favourite underwear with the doctors and nurses :(