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Tips On Buying The Right Plus Size Bra

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Petite, Medium and Big sized women all know that one of the most important items a woman can buy is her bra. However, for plus size women it is a big challenge to shop for plus size bras.

Many plus size women will continue wearing the same bras even when it is obvious that they need to brave the stores again in the search of the perfect plus size bra. It can be so difficult to find a suitable plus size bra and they normally cost a lot more than normal sized bras.

So what should we be looking for in a Plus Size Bra?

It has to be the right size.
Your bra size can change from time to time depending on your current weight so you must always measure yourself first. Don’t just keep buying the same size all the time because you’ll be amazed what a difference it can feel when you buy the right size. Ask a friend or store assistant to help measure you before you start trying to make a bra fit you that isn’t your size.

It has to be comfortable.
Women, especially mothers, are always on the go so it is a must for the bra to be comfortable. Plus size clothing has to be manufactured in a way to complement the plus size woman, and the best way to achieve this is with comfort. Make sure the bra isn’t pinching you or digging into your shoulders; circle your arms when you’re trying it on, lean forwards, lean sideways – does it still feel comfortable?

It has to be supportive.
Plus size women need a bra that will support the breasts and help maintain stability, decreasing the chance of stretch marks and sagging. Make sure the your bra is supporting your breasts properly!

It has to be elegant, it has to be stylish.

We all know that if you feel sexy on the inside you will look sexy on the outside so don’t just buy functional boring plus size bras all the time. Search for a sexy plus size bra instead. There are stores now recognising the demand for plus size clothing and plus size bras so visit them and see what they have or look online for one.

It has to be durable.
Plus size bras always seem to be more expensive than smaller sized bras so look upon your new purchase as an investment. Make sure the Plus size bra you are about to buy is going to be long lasting and durable.

Once you’ve bought your new plus sized bra, make sure you look after it, treat it with care and it will be kind to you too!

The Plus Points Of Being A Plus Size

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Plus of being a Plus Size Stereotyped, ridiculed, and worst a laughing stock these are just a few of a Plus Size woman’s problems. It just so happens that our society tells us that being Plus Size is disgusting and media exaggerates that being Plus Size is not pretty and Plus Size people shouldn’t be fat. Actually, we used to be termed as fat but now it’s more politically correct to be called Plus Size. Anyways, it is not that terrible or even horrible to be tagged as a Plus Size, it has a brighter side.

These are just 5 good sides of being a Plus Size.

Survive Sicknesses.
Extra pounds protect against conditions that lead to premature death. It’s thought that fat stores can be used to help the body stay strong during illness and aid in recovery. The Obesity Paradox states that heart patients who are overweight or obese live longer than lean patients and respond better to treatment.

Radiant Skin.
More adipose tissue in the face can make you look younger. Adipose tissues, together with Stem cells, are used to regenerate the skin as used in Ukraine’s aesthetic medicine. A sunken face can add years, so carrying an extra few pounds will help create a more youthful appearance- plus a fuller face wrinkles less.

Longer Life.
In the British Medical Journal, women with larger thighs than 60cm, have lower risk of heart disease and early death. Women with pin-thin legs, less than 60cm, faced the greatest chance of developing heart disease.

Reduce % of Miscarriage.
They found that women who had a BMI (Body Mass Index) of less than 18.5 when they conceived were 72% more likely to miscarry in the first trimester. Those with what is considered a normal BMI score of 18.5 to 25, and those above were not found to increase their risk of miscarriage.

Higher weight correlates with stronger bones.
Extra weight on your frame can prevent osteoporosis. Weight-bearing exercises are the best way to ward off the disease, and carrying a few extra pounds puts constant stress on your skeleton. Osteoporosis is less common in overweight women than thin women.

This is not to promote obesity but to recognize that being FAT or OVER WEIGHT is not at all bad. We just live in an anti-fat society and are so scared of being considered fat that we automatically think all fat is bad- when in reality it’s not. There are, indeed, some plus factors of being a Plus Size.

Plus Size Panty Frustrations – The Answer

Friday, August 05, 2011

I’m a proud mother of three children but nobody warned me how much giving birth would change my panty options. I’m now officially a plus size lady and I have a secret to share...

For the past years, since I have given birth I am enjoying not wearing panties at home. I understand that it is supposedly unhygienic but I don’t care since I feel comfortable. If your panties don't fit right, you're going to be miserable all day, right? I dreaded the panty ride-up, it is one of the most distracting situations to suffer from so I seek comfort when at home and go without. It is a liberating feeling and I feel comfortable.

This all started from my frustrations of not finding my size. I used to be a size Small but after 3 births I now have a waist of 54”. My level of frustration increases since boutiques, and even big malls seldom have my size. Unfortunately, most of the time, out of not having enough panties and not having proper panties, I resort to not wearing one at all. Stores may have big sizes but still it won’t fit me. What malls have are more of the Asian plus sizes but these are still small for me. I need to find panty that fit my contours and feel natural so as not to spend all day tugging at my panty and squirming around.

I still find it hard to find Plus size panty in the Mall and boutiques in the Philippines that fit me however, I now have a better option of buying the right panty for me –ONLINE!

Online lingerie retailers that specialize in designs for us plus size curvier woman have more diverse collections and understand how to make larger women look fabulous and at the same time feel comfortable. So if you are looking for plus sizes undergarments of good quality, finding it in your size is now easier than ever before when you go Online!

Plus Size Panty Styles - No More Granny Panty!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

I remember growing up to adulthood with all my undergarments having the same style – Full Brief Panty or Granny Panty. I came from a religious family and being conservative follows the orientation in our clan. Our undergarments should cover all parts that need to be covered. Thus, the Granny style panty is the best pick for my elders considering that we have large size body structure. It is the only style, during that time that is available to women with larger sizes – it was bland and uninspired.

With the lingerie retailers targeting the plus size market, the plus size lingerie has never been as sexy and elegant as it is today. Lingerie retailers have made a significant change in Plus Size Panties. Every woman has her own unique needs when it comes to undergarments - Good fabrics, daring colors and different styles. Thankfully the plus size woman can now have it all!! Here are just few of the different panty styles:

Full Brief/Granny Panty.
Oftentimes regarded as boring and unattractive is the common style of underwear women usually have.
Its elastic waist band rides naturally around the waistline and has full coverage of the rear area. The full brief panty also has fuller coverage on the side of the hips. The Granny panty has evolved in time and now has different colors, prints and fabric.

Bikini Panty.
This is a popular type of sexy panties. The elastic waistband usually sits just below the waist making them a perfect choice for hipster low rise jeans.

Boy Short/Booty Shorts.

This style is based on men’s brief they look like a very small pair of hotpants.

Boy shorts are usually very form fitting and the waist band rides on the hip. They lack gathered elastic around the legs and provide varying amounts of coverage to the rear area.

Thong Panty.
It has a thin strip of material connected directly to the bottom front of the garment and to both sides of the front at the top via a waistband. Some women prefer this style since it eliminate visible panty lines.

Though the Plus Size Granny Panty is still the most commonly used style for plus size women, we now have other styles to wear so we can feel sexy and feminine!

Plus Size Store - Women’s Plus Size Lingerie in the Philippines

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Women’s Plus Size Lingerie in the Philippines

Plus Size Lingerie is becoming very popular in the Philippines today and looks as though the demand for size lingerie will keep increasing as the years go by.

Many plus size women are keen to feel sexy in the bedroom and this is why they like plus size lingerie. In fact research worldwide shows that large and plus size women buy more plus size lingerie online than anybody else.

Why is this?

This may have to do with plus size women feeling shy to buy their lingerie in a store or it may be because plus size women feel sexier wearing lingerie in the bedroom. Personally I think it could be both reasons and as a lingerie advocate I think it’s great that so many plus size women love wearing plus size lingerie.

If you are a plus size lady and you haven’t tried wearing plus size lingerie yet, we implore you to try it out as soon as possible! See our range CLICK HERE