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5 Reasons Why Small Breasts Rock

Thursday, May 22, 2014

1. A lot of clothes look great on you!

- Having small breasts give you the freedom to wear almost anything you want without looking too voluptuous. Also, less chances of catching the attention of unmannered men along the streets. Tsk!

2. You can cheat your way to having perfect looking breasts.

- That's why you have us! Secret Talaga Lingerie helps you find the perfect bra to help make your bust size look bigger. Imagine the agony of huge-breasted women who want to have breast reduction. You have the best of both worlds!

3. Breast size doesn't determine how sexy you are!

- Look at Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman, 
 Cameron Diaz and Eva Longoria! They all are not-so-blessed around the busts but they're no doubt, hot and sexy!

4. You don't have to be irritated with heavy breasts!

- Many big-breasted women complain that their busts are heavy and they can't jog or run without the feeling of being uneasy. Hey! You, having small breasts, have all the freedom you want to run, do cartwheels and dance with no problem!

5. Having small breasts are just awesome. Period.

- Be happy with what you have! Wear Secret Talaga's thick bras if it makes you feel better! One thing's for certain, small breasts rule!

BRA STORE - The Wonderbra

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Women who are less endowed need not to have surgery, neither take pills but only need to buy a Wonderbra. The Wonderbra is designed for the not so gifted ladies who are faced with the challenges of finding the right bra that will give them the lift and the illusion of having bigger breasts.


The Wonderbra’s cups have three components that lifts the breasts up and closer together, thereby creating a look of bigger breasts and sexy cleavage.


1. Back and Under-wire. These are angled for maximum support and breast enhancement.
2. Removable pads are included which helps boost the breasts.
3. Gate Back and Rigid Straps. These provide support and enhance cleavage


The collaboration of the Wonderbra’s components gives every woman its maximum benefits/wonders. The four wonders of wonderbra are:


Uplift Effect. The Wonderbra is designed to raise the bust and an attention-grabber. It looks great with square neckline tops since it has detachable straps.


The Round Effect.

This is perfect to project a full and rounded bust form which emanates sexiness and femininity. The secret is in its unique padding which gives sufficient reinforcement to create the rounded look combined with semi-cup coverage and a wide set of straps.


Plunging Effect.

This is especially designed to go well with low necklines and low cut tops. The secret lies in minimum coverage to create the illusion of maximum bust form.


Cleavage Effect. It doesn't matter what size or shape a woman has because this line will indeed produce the cleavage effect desired.


As always, In order to get the maximum benefit of wearing a Wonderbra, you must know your right bra size. Then you can explore the wonders of Wonderbra!


Bras 101

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

There is nothing more valuable to your appearance than wearing a proper bra. A Bra has the power to completely alter an outfit, so let us consider Bra Basics.

1. Be aware of your bra size. A woman should be aware of her correct bra size taking into consideration the bust measurement and rib measurement.


2. Get measured for a bra at least twice per year by a professional bra fitter.


3. Check your bra size regularly. Wearing a bra is not just a matter of appropriateness it’s a necessity. After babies, a little weight gain and general aging, your breasts are simply not what they used to be.


4. Show the right amount of cleavage. The right amount of cleavage is sexy. What’s not sexy is when too much breast tissue billows out of the top making it seem like you’re wearing a bra that’s three sizes too small.


5. Match bra style and design with your outfit. If you’re wearing a halter top or an evening dress with off the shoulder sleeves, you’ll need a corresponding bra so that the only focus is on that fabulous ensemble you’re wearing.


6. Take care of your bra. Hand wash your bra and avoid putting it in the washing machine and dryer. This will definitely destroy your bra.


7. Do not wear the same bra every day. Rotate your bras every day to extend the life of the bra


8. Bra straps should be fixed, yet comfortable. Always go for a bra with strap adjustability. No matter what your needs are, straps should remain stable and should be made of non-intrusive materials that can harm your shoulders.


9. Wash unpacked bras before wearing them. Remember that people do try on the garments before purchasing.


10. Choose the right bra, regardless of style, that is comfortable

For more details and advice about Bra Basics read our other articles.

A Solution for Women with Small Breasts – Maximizer Bras

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Maximizer bras give the illusion of fullness even to the most flat chested of women. They can create fantastic “eye catching” cleavage not normally associated with A and B cup bras.

A Maximizer Bra is a good investment for small chested women
, but even if you've got a little something up top, a maximizer bra is still a good addition to your wardrobe. Maximizer Bras push the breast up for cleavage and can also create the illusion of you being one cup size larger than you really are.

Most Maximizer Bra styles offer full coverage on the sides of the cup so that the breasts are pushed together and up over a 3/4-cup that leaves ample space for cleavage. Maximizer Bras usually use a combination of underwire support with sewn-in cotton padding along the bottom of the cup to increase the volume of your breasts. Maximizer Bras with water or silicon inserts have also been introduced in the market. Liquid pads can be more comfortable than cotton and can give your breasts a little more of a natural bounce

Maximizer bras are available from Triumph and Wacoal among other brands in the Philippines but they can also be purchased online

If you haven’t tried one, you should try a Maximize Bra now and you’ll discover the fabulous cleavage that you have been missing.

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How To Measure Your Bra Size

Friday, August 12, 2011

Did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size?
Did you know that your bra size fluctuates over time?

So many of our customers get confused about how to measure their bra size and even when we first started in this business we were not sure ourselve but after reading this simple tutorial you'll find it easy to know how to measure you bra size!

Below is a simple guide on how to measure your bra size correctly. We suggest you do this once a year to make sure your bras are the correct size. You can measure your bra size yourself or you can ask a friend to help you. It’s okay to measure your bra size whilst wearing an unpadded bra but to ensure better accuracy it’s best not to be wearing a bra.

Firstly, you will need a tape measure.

Band Size

To find your band size, place the measuring tape directly beneath your breasts and measure around your rib cage. Make sure the measuring tape is snug fitting but not so tight that its pinching your skin. We are measuring in inches so if you get a fraction in the measurement you can round the number down, for example 32.5 would become 32.

Now you must add 5 inches to the measurement to get the correct band measurement, for example 32 + 5 = 37 so the measurement would be 37. All band sizes are even numbers so you would normally round up to the next even number which in this case is 38.

Under Bust Measurement + 5 inches = Band Size

Cup Size

Measure around your body at the point where your bust are the fullest. Make sure the tape measure isn’t tight when you are doing this as otherwise your cup will be too tight. For demonstration purposes we’ll say its 39inches. Now subtract your band size from your bust size (39–37 = 2). This number determines your cup size which is generally referred to by a letter.

1 inch = A cup
2 inches = B cup
3 inches = C cup
4 inches = D cup
5 inches = DD cup
And so on…

In this demonstration the bra size would be 38B.

It’s easy to measure your bra size so make sure you measure you bra size at least once every year and you’ll feel more comfortable wearing bras that are the correct size.

Popular Brands Of Bras In The Philippines

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Some Favorite Designer Brands of Bra in the Philippines

Listed below are some of the most favorite Filipina brands of bras in the Philippines.

Triumph International Bra and Panty

Triumph entered the Filipino market in 1974 and is well known for their Triumph T-Shirt Bras and Triumph Maximizer Bra. Triumph bra and panties are known worldwide for good quality and style.

Wacoal Bra and Panties

Wacoal is one of the world leading brands for bra and panty and is slighty more expensive than typical brands in the Philippines however the quality of Wacoal is reputed to be good.

Bench - Underwear

Beginning in 1987 with a small store selling men’s t-shirts, Bench grew at an unparalleled rate by being the pioneer in the use of celebrity endorsers, television and giant billboards to propel the Bench fashion brand and underwear.

SO-EN - Bra and Panty

Is a wholly owned Filipino brand name many generations of Filipina have grown to know and use. Their SO-EN bra and panties are very affordable and proudly made in the Philippines.

Avon Bra and Panties

Avon is a worldwide brand known for being affordable. Avon bras and panties along with other products are normally sold by local representatives to their friends and family.

Sbn Bra and Panty

Sabina in Thailand aka Sbn outside of Thailand is a new brand of bra in the Philippines and is one of the top selling brands in Thailand. Sbn is well known for manufacturing bras and designing bras for the Asian market at affordable prices.



Different Styles Of Bras

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You'd never think that bras could offer so many differet styles but there seems to be a different bra available for every occassion. Here's just a selection of what is available out there..

Adhesive Bras
Backless Bra
Cupless Bra
Built in Bra
Maximizer Bra
Minimizer Bra
Push Up Bra
Shelf Bra

Convertible Bras

Front Closure Bra
Full Support Bras
Maternity Bra
Miracle Bras
Nursing Bra

Padded Bra
Racerback Bra
Soft Cup Bras

Sports Bra
Strapless Bras
T-Shirt Bra
Training Bras
U-Plunge Bra
Underwire Bras
Gel Bras - Water Bra

If you notice we have missed any out please feel free to name them in a comment and we'll be happy to add them to the list.

BRA STORE - Sports Bras

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Women's sports bras are designed to reduce breast bounce and give great support for the bust while exercising. The Sports Bra helps to keep your breasts in place whilst you’re doing energetic sports. Sports bras vary in many ways, depending on how active you are and what kind of sport you do, will depend on the type of sports bra you will need to buy. A lot of sports bras have a range of different supports for low impact sports up to high impact for more strenuous and active sports. Whether you are doing aerobics, tennis, running or dance, sports bras will help to take the strain off your breast and chest muscles.

When choosing a sports bra you should always make sure that it is made from an absorbent fabric. Sports bras come in many different styles including front or back closure, underwire or soft cup, racerback or the traditional sports bra style. Choosing which sports bra is entirely up to you and will mainly depend on the activity you need it for. 

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BRA STORE - Maximizer Bras

Monday, November 08, 2010

Maximizer Bras do basically what the name says and maximize the size of your breasts. Maximizer Bras normally have underwired  ¾ cups so the Maximizer Bra can have added padding within the lower part of the cup that pushes your breasts up creating a wonderful cleavage. The Maximizer Bra will also have light padding within the upper part of the cup too which gives the impression of you being almost one cup size larger.

Because our main market is the Asian market we find that many Asian women love Maximizer Bras because the Maximize Bras we stock create lovely cleavage and make small breasted women look larger than they normally are.

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BRA STORE - Minimizer Bras

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Minimizer bras tend to be more for larger cup sizes, as they are designed to make the breasts look up to 2 inches smaller than normal. The minimizer bra also helps to prevent ‘spill over’ and ‘gaping button’ syndrome in shirts and blouses. It should also help to give a more flattering and smoother look to the bust for when you want to wear tight tops without the size of your breasts being the main feature. Sometimes even with the right sized bra there can be a few lumps and bumps from the breasts and this is when a minimizer bra comes in.

These bras can be worn with day and evening wear and can give a smoother look around the bust area under clothing. The minimizer bra helps to reduce the size of the breasts and give added support for larger sizes. As larger sizes may hang more with age they need the extra support and uplift. 

Below is an example of what a maximizer bra looks like.